AUSTRALIAN buoyancy manufacturer Matrix Composites & Engineering (MCE) has delivered what it says is one of the largest installation buoyancy structures in the world to Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC).

The structure weighs 103 tonnes in air and provides 150 tonnes of uplift in seawater, the equivalent of eight large public buses.

The buoy is 12.3 metres high, 6.44 metres long, and is made up of 72 standard elements held in place with a through member.

The structure forms part of a modular installation buoyancy package and will be used to deploy HMC’s subsea production equipment used on a major LNG project off the coast of Western Australia, which Matrix declined to name.

The modular installation buoyancy package will be used in conjunction with HMC’s installation vessel Aegir.

Together, they will ensure the safe installation of the Flowline End Termination (FLET) and In Line Tee (ILT) structures onto the seabed, 250 metres below water.

The largest buoy in the package will be used to install the 150 tonne, 18 inch ILT and associated pipework.

In an announcement, Matrix said its modular installation buoyancy structures could be assembled in a variety of 3D configurations to meet most needs, as client requirements changed.