MARTEK Marine has developed a hand held four gas detector that can be bump tested and calibrated on-board any vessel or offshore facility.

The company’s A-B-C “Always-Be-Calibrated” system has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of current legislation for portable gas detectors and meets all International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and oil major requirements.

The system enables fail-safe, accurate and repeatable certified calibration on-board, automatically generating tamper-proof serial number specific calibration certificates, free from human intervention and error.

The detector is available in Australia through Viking Life-Saving Equipment (Australia), with the company’s national sales manager Stephen Sullivan saying the system would remove the need for calibration gas to be sent to ships every three to six months.

“By allowing your crew to calibrate your portable gas detectors on-board you’ll save time and money currently incurred by having to send your detectors ashore for calibration or getting contractors on-board to do the calibration,” he said.

The launch comes after changes to safety of life at sea (SOLAS) regulations that now  require all applicable vessels to carry portable gas detectors for monitoring enclosed spaces.

IMO circular MSC.1/Circ.1485, was released in January 2015 to advocate voluntary early implementation by member governments of SOLAS regulation XI-1/7.

“The risk of asphyxiation and death is still a major cause for concern for crew members when working in confined and enclosed spaces on-board due to the build up of hazardous and toxic gases,” Mr Sullivan said.

The A-B-C system consists of Marine 4 – specialist marine quad and single gas detectors, an A-B-C self-certification and calibration station, a Marine Tankscape inert gas monitoring instrument and calibration gas with a unique two year shelf life.