SAFE Work Australia has awarded Australian company Makinex Construction Products with its inaugural award for good design, recognising the company’s Makinex powered hand truck.

Previously known as the OneLIFT, the PHT 140 hand truck is designed to help one person safely lift and load small equipment or bulky goods weighing up to 140 kilogram loads.

Makinex said the PHT 140 replaced the need for a forklift or tailgate loader and had the potential to cut shoulder and back injuries in the workplace.

In an announcement, Makinex cited Kennard’s Hire chief executive Rory Kennard as a supporter of the powered hand truck, saying the company had seen a significant decrease in shoulder and back injuries since using the device.

“Makinex strives towards continuous improvement by looking closely at its business to find unique, innovative and practical product solutions that provide the construction and rental industries with a better way to do their jobs to save time, physical effort and money,” Mr Kennard said.

With plans to expand the existing designed product range, growth in local and global markets with offices in Los Angeles, and a global dealer network they have a commitment to ongoing research and development, Makinex said its line of designed and manufactured products was experiencing exponential growth.

Safe Work Australia chief executive Michelle Baxter said the committee had judged Makinex as having the best design across all categories for safety in construction, use and maintenance, safety innovation, sustainability and health and safety impact.

“A focus on health and safety in design helps eliminate hazards and risks before they enter the workplace,” she said.

“Good work design can radically transform the workplace in ways that benefits the business, workers, clients and others in the supply chain.”