INCOMING Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has appointed Anthony Lynham as the state’s minister for Natural Resources and Mines and Minister for State Development.

Dr Lynham entered the Queensland parliament in 2014 at a by-election. He was previously a senior doctor and maxillofacial surgeon at the Prince Charles Hospital and the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

In an emailed comment to Oil & Gas Australia, Dr Lynham said he would be working closely with industry to support sustainable development in the state.

This would achieve “not only economic benefits and jobs for our state but ensuring that we care for Queensland into the future,” he said.

“Queensland has an abundance of petroleum and gas resources that continue to make a significant contribution to the State economy, regional development and jobs,” he said.

“We have a strong CSG-LNG industry that continues to grow and supply both domestic and export gas markets. There are opportunities ahead for investment in the emerging deep gas and oil industries; particularly in the Cooper, Georgina, Bowen and Maryborough basins.”

“As always we must strike the right balance between resource sector development and caring for our land and water resources and environmental values,” he said.

At the same time, Ms Palaszczuk has committed to working closely with industry and business in order to create jobs and grow the state’s economy.

“We need to work together to restore confidence in the economy, because when employers are confident, then more jobs are created and more money invested in our state,” she said at an industry lunch held at Parliament House.

“Be they large or small businesses, the private sector needs to drive jobs growth and I want to help them do that.”

The government had also committed to introducing a range of jobs and business policies, including a payroll tax rebate for employers who hire apprentices or trainees and a range of employment programs and business development funds.