LUMASENSE Technologies added the integrated ISR 6-TI Advanced to their IMPAC pyrometer and imaging portfolio for increased control and optimisation of manufacturing processes in metals, glass, and other materials industries.

The ISR 6-TI Advanced represents a true breakthrough by combining pyrometry with infrared imaging technology to produce “relative” thermal images.

Relative thermal images are produced by measuring the temperature of the centre spot with a ratio pyrometer and using an infrared filter to show an auto-calibrated thermal image based on the highly accurate ratio pyrometer temperature reading.

The system is based on the proven ISR 6 Advanced pyrometer and a video camera that utilises a short wavelength infrared filter.

The resulting ISR 6-TI Advanced system operates in a short wavelength for accurate and reliable temperature measurements between 700 and 1800 degrees celsius.

The analog video output signal is converted to USB and fed to a PC using LumaSense’s InfraWin software.

The InfraWin software generates and shows a relative thermal image from this signal.

LumaSense’s InfraWin software also provides temperature, data logging, and analysis features.

The ISR 6-TI Advanced paints a more-accurate picture for identifying potential issues before they lead to problems that impact process performance – a key benefit for materials manufacturers running heat-dependent processes.

“The ISR 6-TI Advanced solution is ideal for industries where it is critical to know the temperature of an object as well as ensure uniformity across an object at that temperature,” LumaSense spokesman Daniel Schueftan said.

“It is accurate and easy to use by offering a single user interface for the pyrometer and thermal imaging function.

“The key advantage here is that there is no mechanical alignment required between the thermal image and the pyrometer, creating a seamlessly integrated system.

“As such, many processes in metals and glass making industries that use a single pyrometer to measure temperature can be improved with this innovative technology.”