WILHELMSEN Ships Service has launched a lifejacket specially designed to safeguard workers in the harshest offshore environments.

The Unitor Inflatable Lifejacket features class leading buoyancy, a Hammar automatic hydrostatic release system, and a design that is rugged, yet also light and comfortable to wear when performing demanding offshore tasks.

WSS Western Australia manager Philip Gatland said the lifejacket was created to match the unique requirements of working offshore.

“The Unitor Inflatable Lifejacket is very light, easy to put on and easy to wear, allowing both free movement and optimal protection,” he said.

“It features a patented interlocking lobe bladder that inflates automatically – although only when needed, not in rain, spray or humid conditions – and self-rights the user in under five seconds, even when unconscious.”

“It is high visibility, heavy duty and compliant with ISO 12402-3 regulations, offering what we believe is the best protection on the market today.”

The innovative design of the life jacket forms an effective wave barrier. This ensures that, regardless of whether the wearer is conscious or not, water is not channelled towards their face, protecting airflows.

In addition, its 170N buoyancy rating compares favourably to the industry standard 150N, providing extra safety for larger operators or those carrying tools.

The lifejacket, which was unveiled to customers for the first time at the recent Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference (AOG) in Perth, is protected by a heavy duty nylon cover, offers manual inflation, features reflective tape and also comes with a whistle for attracting attention.