GLOBAL material handling specialists MHE-Demag recently unveiled its new Demag V-type crane for the first time in Australia at a new facility in Perth.

The new crane, which brings a number of innovations to the overhead crane sector, has recently been installed at local steel fabricator Lighthouse Engineering’s new facility in the Gnangara industrial area.

MHE-Demag also unveiled a scaled-down but fully functional mobile V-type crane, which they plan on taking around Australia on a roadshow following the launch, in order to give their customers first-hand experience of the new technology.

MHE-Demag Australia managing director Vince Di Costanzo said the idea to take the mobile V-type crane on the road is revolutionising its business approach in the overhead crane industry.

He said MHE-Demag is taking the V-type crane to its customers instead of promoting it through conventional methods.

“We are using this vehicle to approach the Australian market in what is a totally new way for the equipment manufacturing industry,” he said.

“Engineering and heavy machinery companies typically face challenges in showing their potential customers the actual products before manufacturing takes place.

“Customers often have to finalise their buying decision based on engineering drawings or 3-dimensional images. Alternatively, customers are made to travel to the manufacturers’ premises or project sites to see the ‘real thing’.

“To overcome this, we are taking our new crane to our clients, giving them the opportunity to experience it in action.”

Commencing in Perth, the roadshow will see the crane being taken to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

“Our focus is on delivering innovation not only via our product range, but also in the ways we interact with our clients. We are sure that this approach will help our clients to understand our product better and ultimately give us a competitive edge,” Mr Di Costanzo said.

With its innovative technology, the new Demag V-type crane will enable Australian manufacturing companies to improve their productivity.

The V-type Crane is 17% lighter than an average conventional box-section profile girder, and this gives designers greater freedom in designing factories and other buildings.

Importantly, improved reliability means the V-type has an extended service life

“As one of the leading manufacturers of cranes and hoists in Australia, we are extremely excited to be the only crane manufacturer who is capable of exclusively offering such advanced technology in Australia,” Mr Di Costanzo said

“The new Demag V-type crane represents nothing less than a revolution in the Australian crane market. It introduces a number of new features that offer greater levels of precision in handling, enabling sensitive loads to be positioned more accurately, and operators to work faster and smarter. The result is greater levels of efficiency for our customers’ businesses.

MHE-Demag had identified a number of key markets who will benefit from this new crane, including manufacturers, steel fabricators, ship builders, utilities and oil and gas companies

“Virtually every sector is facing renewed levels of competition. To maintain their competitiveness, they need optimum efficiency throughout material flow processes. With the launch of the new Demag V-type crane, MHE-Demag is set to help our customers achieve improved productivity while reducing their overall costs.”