SCAFFOLDING and protective systems manufacturer Layher has added a new dimension to its existing product offerings as it moves to make scaffolding simpler, swifter and safer.

With its bolt-free wedge-head connection technology, Layher’s Allround Scaffolding has become established all over the world as a synonym for modular scaffolding.

Its new offering, Allround Lightweight, features lighter components, increased load-bearing capacity and an AutoLock function for wedge head connectors.

According to Layher, Allround Lightweight can be assembled 10 per cent faster than other scaffold systems and is 12% more efficient to transport.

Boasting an assembly which is both faster and safer, with a higher transport capacity and structural strength advantages, as well as reduced physical strain for the erectors, Layher is once again setting standards.

A Layher innovation in successful operation: the new Allround Shoring TG 60 shoring frame gives scaffolding constructors a new field of business and ensures for construction companies more safety and efficiency at their sites – for example during construction of the inlet and outlet structure for the Swiss pumped storage power station, Linthal 2015.

The frame boasts simple yet proven connection techniques with wedge heads, permanently integrated and cast-on spigots, and the option of pre-assembling the shoring towers on the ground and quickly emplacing them by crane.

Thanks to their experience in the use of system scaffolding, scaffolding erectors can further increase the speed of assembly.

The bay lengths of the shoring towers can be flexibly adapted, depending on the Allround ledgers used, to the actual load and to the configuration dimension of the formwork supports – thus optimising the use of material and minimizing the assembly time.

The use of Allround standard material also obviates the need for time-consuming bracing using tubes and couplers, or for measuring the individual towers to ensure they meet planning requirements. Rectangularity is automatically obtained.

Whether it is design work intended to improve existing products, or the opening up of new fields of business using supplementary components such as the Allround Shoring TG 60 – this family-owned company is always focused on its customers’ success.