OKUMA Australia has launched a new range of lathes for the Australian and New Zealand markets which it says will help remove blockages to efficiency and quality in job shop performance.

The Multus U series of computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes offer an advance on the company’s existing Multus B lathes, Okuma Australia managing director Phil Hayes said, working to reduce setup times, improve accuracy and keep non-cutting times to a minimum.

The new series includes two machine models: the MULTUS U3000 and the MULTUS U4000, equipped with Okuma technologies including its thermo-friendly concept, collision avoidance system and machining navigation.

These are coupled with Okuma’s own OSP controller in which there is a wide variety of control options and efficiency features, as well as boasting a new Y-axis for complete flexibility – with a highly rigid traveling column allowing for very wide ranging, powerful cutting over the entire, newly designed ‘rectangular’ Y-axis with up to 300mm of travel.

Extended specifications for a variety of applications are covered with 17 diverse model variations in the MULTUS U series specification – including multiple bed lengths; additional sub-spindle (W-Axis); lower turret in addition to the 0.001⁰ NC-B axis upper milling turret; Okuma’s PREX motor technology; the choice of tool magazine capacities plus a range of spindle sizes and CAPTO or HSK tool shank specifications.

The MULTUS U series also boasts strong milling and tuning performance for the cutting of difficult-to-machine materials and a wide variety of CNC machining applications;

Its thermo-static design and thermal deformation control technology provides long, stable machining accuracy, while its OSP-P300S control reduces keyboard operations by 50 per cent and maximises uptime with its Collision Avoidance System.

Based in Melbourne, Okuma Australia can sell the lathes to a variety of locations.