KVAERNER has signed the final contract for delivery of the drilling platform jacket to the Johan Sverdrup field.

Prefabrication will start in the summer of 2016, and assembly will take place from the spring of 2017, with the jacket scheduled for delivery in the spring of 2018.

This is number 45 in a series of steel substructures ordered from Kvaerner in the past 45 years, the company said.

In June 2014 Kvaerner entered into an agreement for delivery of steel jacket substructures for future Statoil projects and at the same time a Letter of Intent was signed for the steel jackets for the Johan Sverdrup riser platform and drilling platform.

Kvaerner chief executive Jan Arve Haugan said the engineering work had now started at Kvaerner’s offices in Oslo.

“Kvaerner Verdal is the contract party, and the project management will be based at the company’s specialised jacket facility in Verdal in Mid-Norway, where fabrication will be executed.”

“With the two contracts for delivery of steel jackets to Johan Sverdrup in order backlog, Kvaerner Verdal has a solid and predictable foundation as basis for continuous improvement and long-term planning in connection with further development of Kvaerner in Verdal,” he said.

“The new contract reinforces Kvaerner’s position as the market leader for large steel jacket substructures to the North Sea region.”

At peak, around 250 Kvaerner employees will be working on the drilling platform jacket.

Together with the delivery of the riser platform jacket, this will engage around 500 Kvaerner employees when the two projects are at their most hectic.

In addition, Kvaerner said it expects the projects will create work for another 1,500 people in Kvaerner’s sub-suppliers and from regional service providers in private and public sector.