GAS has been confirmed by Kosmos Energy at its Guembeul 1 exploration well, located in the St Louis Offshore Profond license area in Senegal.

Located about five kilometres south of the basin-opening Tortue 1 gas discovery in about 2,700 metres of water, Guembeul 1 was drilled to a total depth of 5,245 metres, Kosmos said in late January.

“The well encountered 101 metres of net gas pay in two excellent quality reservoirs.”

Kosmos said these included 56 metres in the lower Cenomanian and 45 metres in the underlying Albian, with no water encountered.

Guembeul 1 has demonstrated reservoir continuity as well as static pressure communication with the Tortue 1 well in the lower Cenomanian, suggesting a single, large gas accumulation, Kosmos said.

“Moreover, the well has significantly de-risked adjacent prospectivity, including proving the existence of excellent quality reservoirs in the Albian.”

Furthermore, it has provided additional calibration of our seismic attribute exploration tool, confirming its reservoir and fluid predicative capability for these primary exploration targets, Kosmos added.

Based on the integration of the Guembeul 1 well results, Kosmos Pmean gross resource estimate for the Tortue West structure has increased to 11 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) from 8 Tcf as a result of greater reservoir (net to gross) confidence in the Cenomanian, as well as the inclusion of volumes in the Albian.

Accordingly, the Pmean gross resource estimate for the Greater Tortue Complex has increased to 17 Tcf from 14 Tcf, Kosmos said.

In addition, Kosmos has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by Pétroles du Sénégal (Petrosen) and Société Mauritanienne Des Hydrocarbures et de Patrimoine Minier (SMHPM), the national oil companies of Senegal and Mauritania.

This MOU sets out the principles for an intergovernmental cooperation agreement for the development of the cross-border Greater Tortue resource.

Kosmos chief executive Andrew Inglis was pleased with the recent gas discovery.

“Guembeul 1 confirms the presence of a world class gas resource that extends into both Senegal and Mauritania. With our successful appraisal program and support of both governments, the initial gas development is gaining momentum.”

The Atwood Achiever drillship will now proceed to Mauritania to drill the Ahmeyim 2 delineation well in the southern part of Mauritania’s block C 8, Kosmos said.

This will test the downdip limits of the field and is expected to complete appraisal of the Tortue West structure.

Kosmos holds a 60 per cent interest in the Guembeul 1 well, along with Timis Corporation Limited at 30% and Petrosen 10%.