ONE OF the world’s most comprehensive and flexible families of crane workstations has been designed by Konecranes to fit the lifting needs of diverse industries and to change with them as their needs evolve.

The Konecranes WLS family of workstation lifting systems – ranging in capacities from hand-held lifting tools to robust hoists up to two-ton capacity – represents the wide scope of the global Konecranes organisation as one of the world’s leading crane manufacturers and the world’s largest crane service organisation.

Konecranes – which has more than 420,000 cranes of all makes under service contract worldwide – said the flexible and efficient WLS family of workstations are available throughout Australasia.

The company’s enormous experience across a broad range of industries, including aerospace, automotive and metals, food and beverage, manufacturing and materials handling, mining and energy, oil and gas, resources fabrication and maintenance, road, rail and off-road vehicle maintenance, primary and production process and shipping and transport.

The WLS family is designed with safety as paramount.

“All industries share our close focus on safety, understanding that the total annual costs of work-related accidents and diseases exceeds US$1.36 billion globally and is a major component of risk management internationally,” a Konecranes spokesman said.

“The innovative design and ergonomic features of the WLS family help ensure that their operators can rely on their equipment and go home unharmed at the end of the shift.

“Safety is further enhanced by a wide range of products featuring suitability for hazardous environments, in accordance with Konecranes’ hooked-on-safety philosophy.”