OVER 70 technology vendors have expressed interest in supporting a joint industry project (JIP) which aims to provide a recommended practice for the subsea industry and thereby reduce equipment failures.

Expressions of interest submitted by the companies are currently being reviewed by the participating operators to decide which opportunities to pursue further.

Led by Wood Group Kenny (WGK) and supported by six operators, the Subsea Equipment Australian Reliability (SEAR) JIP’s collaboration model captures subsea operational issues across numerous assets and equipment vendors to feed back to suppliers.

Focusing on collaboration and knowledge sharing in order to improve subsea equipment design for Australia’s offshore warm water environment, the JIP is also co-ordinating efforts to resolve technical issues and share information on new technologies.

WGK chief executive Bob MacDonald said collaboration and innovation needed to be at the forefront of a shift to leaner asset management.

“The SEAR JIP has already been proven as a valuable technology facilitator; fast-tracking approval and adoption of new technologies,” he said.

“In the long term, this work will help vendors improve their designs for warm water regions whilst also ensuring better reliability and reduced operating expenditure for the operators.”

Mr MacDonald said the SEAR JIP had asked vendors to come forward with technology solutions to help address the specific challenges faced in Australian waters.

“Of particular interest are novel coating technologies and materials which will improve the ease of equipment change out and intervention campaigns,” he said.

The testing initiative follows a review of subsea equipment performance to date in Australia and provides the opportunity for vendors to test the performance of technologies in-situ over a number of years.

SEAR JIP representatives will present on Australian challenges and opportunities at the Underwater Technology Conference in June, to better work with Norwegian companies.

WGK’s close collaboration with Norwegian company GCE Subsea brought this about, with company research and development manager Gisle Nondal saying contributing to increased collaboration in the Australian market was of strategic importance to the company.