CHINA National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) reports that construction has commenced on the Fourth Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline commenced in Inner Mongolia.

Welding works of the Fourth Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline commenced in Ulanqab city following equipment testing and trial welding at different sections in Beijing and Inner Mongolia.

The Fourth Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline includes a trunk line and three branches.

The trunk line and one branch, covering a total mileage of 1,114km, will be built at the first phase. The trunk line is expected to be completed in October 2017, with a designed annual deliverability of 25 bcm. It will run from the initial station in Jingbian, Shaanxi, go across Inner Mongolia and Hebei, and end at Gaoliying Terminal Station in Beijing.

Five compressor stations will be deployed along the pipeline.

CNPC said the Fourth Shaan-Jing Gas Pipeline will serve as an important channel for delivering imported gas from Central Asia and gas produced in West China, as well as an extension of the West-East Gas Pipelines.

“Specifically, it will play a major role in boosting natural gas supply to North China, especially for winter peak shaving, and helping mitigate air pollution within the region,” the company stated.