IDROTECH has released an “easy maintenance” fog nozzle, suitable for use with unclean water and available from Tecpro Australia.

In a statement, Tecpro explained fog nozzles are useful in a variety of applications such as dust suppression, cooling, odour control and humidification.

Yet to avoid blockages, most types of fogging nozzles need water that is very clean and well filtered, which can be challenging in many industrial environments.

To combat this problem, Tecpro said Idrotech has developed a fog nozzle with a washable and re-usable filter, making it suitable for use in applications using poorly filtered water.

Tecpro technical consultant Patrick Cooper said the nozzles were ideal for settings where the water source was less than perfect, such as dam water.

“These nozzles are designed to tolerate unclean water, and they can be quickly disassembled to wash the re-usable filter and clear away any particle build up,” he said.

Fog nozzles assist in dust suppression by propelling a fine mist of water droplets that combine with dust particles, and aided by gravity, fall to the ground, because the droplets are so fine, they evaporate quickly, avoiding the problem of water pooling, Tecpro said.

This makes them useful in situations such as cement factories, waste transfer stations, and mines that use rock crushing equipment and conveyor belts to transfer materials, the company explained.

“They are available with flow rate factors of between 15 and 50, and are constructed from quality materials so they offer a long life,” Mr Cooper said.

Commenting on how the nozzles assist with evaporative cooling, Mr Cooper said “They’ve also been used in cooling towers to lower the temperature of air drawn into air conditioning units which puts less strain on the machinery.”

Designed and manufactured in Italy, Idrotech has also developed a range of accessories for the nozzles.