A DUAL fuel system partially designed by Australia’s Eden Energy will be used by US-based power systems company Cummins to retrofit drilling rigs.

Developed by Eden’s wholly owned subsidiary Hythane Company, the OptiBlend Dual Fuel System will form part of an integrated solution called the Cummins Drilling Master Skid for retrofitting dual fuelled power on drilling rigs.

The Hythane OptiBlend components used will remain Hythane branded, with certain Cummins distributors to become certified Hythane service and warranty dealers, allowing Cummins to be the single point of contact for the rig owner.

The two companies worked together to integrate the dual fuel components with the Drilling Power Module and the oilfield skid structure on which the engine is mounted.

This included creating an integrated user interface panel for both the drilling power module and the dual fuel controls, as well as integration of the diesel oxidation catalyst and gas train components into the oil field skid structure.