AUSTRALIA-based consortium AG&P ALE Ventures has successfully deployed its Hydro Deck to deliver the first modules to the INPEX-operated Ichthys liquefied natural gas project in the Northern Territory.

The Hydro Deck is a mobile port solution expected to offload more than 200 large, pre-fabricated modules from sea to ground.

Built to withstand tidal vatiations of up to eight metres, the Hydro Deck uses a water ballast and air tank system to provide buoyancy control.

According to the consortium, a joint venture between Philippines-based Atlantic Gulf & Pacific and UK-based ALE Ventures, the vessel facilitates roll-on, roll-off operations around the clock.

This increased module delivery windows and provided cost-effective and timely module delivery for combined loads of up to 22,000 metric tonnes, AG&P said.

Company managing director Augusto Gan said he saw enormous potential for the Hydro Deck, adding that it would “enable projects of all sizes that have been logistically uncommercial or impossible up to this point.”

AG&P ALE Ventures will provide the Hydro Deck on a fully-serviced, leased-basis, with available for operations around the clock.

The lease would free the operator from having to dispose of the asset – with the vessel to be towed away on completion.

AG&P ALE Ventures said the facility reduces the environmental footprint that would have been caused if the project had built a permanent structure for a temporary requirement.