DRILLING equipment manufacturer Honghua Offshore Oil & Gas Equipment has launched a new platform supply vessel for Nordic Offshore Supply, the company has announced.

The company used its self-constructed Honghai mobile crane to hoist the vessel into the water, Honghua chairman Zhang Mi said.

This had greatly shortened the construction cycle and decreased the construction cost of large offshore drilling equipment, he said.

“We believe that ‘Honghai Crane’ will bring revolutionary innovation to the industrial chain and manufacturing technique of offshore drilling platform, and open the new era for the development of global offshore engineering equipment industry,” Mr Zhang said.

“Leveraging on the strong research and development capacity and manufacturing technique, Honghua Offshore will closely capture the development opportunity of offshore sector, actively propel the expansion of offshore engineering markets, continuously improve the strategic layout of the group and further boost the long-term stable development of the group.”

The ship will be delivered to Nordic after accommodation and adjusting work is completed, Honghua said.