ABERDEEN-BASED Task Geoscience and Houston-headquartered Fronterra Integrated Geosciences have merged, creating what they say will be the world’s largest independent geoscience company.

The Task Fronterra Group will specialise in the use of borehole imaging and core integration, which allows it to improve clients’ understanding of oil and gas reservoirs through analysis of the well bore geology and surrounding faults and fractures.

Together, the two groups plan to use their proprietary software to let clients analyse and visualise surfaces within and between wells.

The use of Task-Fronterra’s unique workflows, together with interwell analysis using attitude allows the identification of sub seismic faults and fault systems which can improve certainty in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and reduce the risk of poor well positioning with respect to faults, the group said in an announcement.

“This is important in mature basins such as in the North Sea where poor EOR well placement can result in early water breakthrough,” it said.

Task Fronterra has a global footprint, with 10 offices across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, employing more than 80 geoscientists.

The merged group will be led by Task founder and chief executive Lawrence Bourke, who said the groups have a similar company culture.

“Task has driven innovation in borehole image analysis and in software tools for interpretation, while Fronterra is the leading presence in analysing shale gas well bores,” he said.

“The combined business will offer more opportunities for our people as well as providing a broader service to our clients and I’m excited about working to bring together two highly talented workforces and creating new jobs in the future as the company grows.”

Fronterra vice president Jan Willems said that synergies between the two groups meant the merger made sense for clients and the companies themselves.

“The new company will benefit from the combined differentiators of Task’s software development capabilities, and Fronterra’s truly integrated approach in multi-discipline studies of conventional and unconventional reservoirs,” he said.

Mr Bourke will be joined on the Task Fronterra board by two senior non-executives, Will Davie – formerly of Schlumberger – and John Forrest – formerly managing director of Talisman’s North Sea business.