GALILEE Energy has wasted no time in starting operations at its wholly owned ATP 529P project in Queensland’s Galilee basin.

Following its acquisition of an operating 50 per cent stake in the project from AGL Energy in August, Galilee has moved a workover rig to the site to start its R1 coal seam testing program, focusing on the workover the five existing Glenaras pilot wells at the site.

Galilee expects the workover to be completed in about six weeks, with the initial phase of the production testing to take between six and nine months.

Company managing director Peter Lansom said the company was pleased that the rig had been moved to site so quickly.

“The rig was mobilised less than three weeks after completion of the ATP 529P acquisition and Galilee assuming operatorship of the project,” he said.

“The upcoming workovers and R1 coal seam test will be crucial in converting our recently expanded ATP 529P contingent resources into reserves”.

Galilee recently announced an increase in the contingent resources at the site to a proved and probable 2,507 petajoules.

Testing of the R1 coal seam will see Galilee set a bridge plug below the seam to isolate lower seams the group has previously tested, with the company to then perforate the seam and re-install pumps, putting the wells on production once this is completed.

This well completion will target the production potential of the uppermost R1 coal seam, allowing pressure drawdown of the coal without contribution from neighbouring sands, Galilee said.

Galilee announced the full acquisition of the ATP 529P permit in June, taking control of the permit at no upfront cost, with AGL contributing $590,000 to Galilee to support future operations.