FMC Technologies has installed and tested its Annulus Monitoring System (AMS) in an offshore well in Malaysia owned by PETRONAS.

A winner of the 2015 Offshore Technology Conference Spotlight on New Technology award, FMC Technologies’ Annulus Monitoring System is a wireless communication system that provides crucial, independent condition-monitoring within a subsea wellhead to operators from the onset of drilling and throughout the life of the well. The AMS delivers actionable information to the operator about annular fluid and components during critical phases of well installation and startup, when well conditions are most unpredictable.

The system provides real-time data collection and feedback, which would allow operators to complete their drilling and abandonment operations ahead of schedule.

“We are proud of the success of the AMS during this project with PETRONAS. Our Annulus Monitoring System will save rig time and lower operator cost – not only during initial drilling, but also during abandonment operations,” said Bernard McCoy, Jr., Director of Subsea Drilling Services for FMC Technologies.