Fendercare-2MARINE services company Fendercare Marine Asia Pacific has launched a rope splicing facility at its Singapore base.

Company business development manager Rohan Pande said the facility would enable it to provide a fully comprehensive rope service.

“Fendercare Marine Asia Pacific has been long established as a leading stockist of high tenacity PP, mixture, nylon and UHMWPE rope products for the mooring, towing, offshore and oil and gas industries,” he said.

“We import and sell approximately 3,000 coils of ropes every year from India, Korea and Germany.”

The service will provide for the splicing of polypropylene, nylon and mixture for up to 12-strand ropes.

The type of rope ends available will include covered soft eyes, thimble eye and thimble and master link, and they will also consider any special customer requirements.

As well as standard and commercial ship-to-ship operations, Fendercare Marine Asia Pacific has helped in emergency operations to assist in lightering cargo from potentially dangerous vessels and situations, as well as keeping cargo contained in a safe environment.

The company has now completed over 540 of these operations, with the range of locations serviced also increased to six during this time.

Since 2007, Fendercare Marine Asia Pacific has increased the number of STS operations successfully completed from 157 to over 540, and the range of locations being serviced has also increased during that time with the company operating in six designated STS locations in the region.

The facility opening came after Fendercare Marine Australia was awarded National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)accreditation in August.

Fendercare Marine Australia rope and rigging supervisor Stuart Rennie said the accreditation confirmed the company’s commitment to safe and sustainable procedures.

“It is a vote of confidence in the best practices that we adopt and further supports our position as a key supplier to the energy industry,” he said.