EQUALIZER International recently launched its latest maintenance tools, the NS NutSplitter range, which according to the company has been designed in response to industry calls for a more effective tool.

Equalizer said industry has requested a more effective tool to split nuts on flange joints both onshore and offshore.

The NutSplitter range introduces a number of benefits, such as an optimised cutting head geometry which allows the NutSplitter to be used on a wide range of flange joints, many which were previously too tight for conventional nut splitters.

Designed specifically for pipeline bolted flange joints and made of high grade materials with its hydraulic cylinder integrated into the cutting-head, size for size it is the smallest and lightest nut splitter on the market, the company said.

Innovative options include Equalizer’s integral pump unit which is built into the back end of the tool making it particularly applicable for subsea and working at height applications.

Equalizer said in addition to being costeffective and efficient, the NutSplitter also meets Equalizer’s criteria for designing and developing tools which are safer to use.

The tool has been built around an integrated steel shroud which encloses the cutting zone to protect against flying particles and a high strength composite handle for vibration and shock isolation.

Equalizer managing director John Morgan said he is delighted to bring the tool onto the market.

“At a time when the industry is looking at cost reduction while maintaining safety standards, the NutSplitter provides an answer for a particular maintenance issue that is efficient, cost effective and safer than existing solutions,” he said.

Orders are now being taken for NS12TE, NS15TE and NS20TE external hydraulic NutSplitters, and NS12TI, NS15TI and NS20TI integral hydraulic NutSplitters.

Equalizer said larger tools up to 100 tonnes splitting force will be available shortly.