WORKFORCE management software company Enverro has launched a new crew and roster software package which it says will simplify roster pattern management.

The cloud-based platform centralises worker data for organisation-wide transparency while eliminating redundancies and reducing manual errors common on projects of this size.

Enverro’s automated workflows will help customers to maintain compliance and project consistency with pre-defined crew positions, roster patterns and associated requirements.

Additionally, the integration of Crew & Roster with Enverro’s travel and accommodation product simplifies the scheduling of crews for coordinated arrivals.

Company chief executive Leigh Kelson said the package simplified the process of assigning workers to crews and filling vacancies on large capital projects.

“This is critical functionality for any company responsible for providing labour on construction, resource and energy projects,” he said.

“This launch is an important step in our broader vision of connecting the industry through an end-to-end, cloud-based workforce management platform.”

The package also enables companies to produce rosters with standardised templates or build them custom to each project and gives supervisors the ability to approve leave requests and monitor crew implications from any location – on any device.

Users can also analyse project and contractor performance with ad-hoc and custom reports and dashboards and automate the communications of roster schedules and leave requests for all interested parties.

“With several prospects in the pipeline, we are looking forward to adding functionality that will allow supervisors to search their labour pool for matches to fill unexpected crew vacancies helping to minimise downtime and maintain compliance,” Mr Kelson said.