ENERPAC’s LL-Series Level Lift System can allow a single operator to safely control the lifting and lowering of large, uneven loads up to 800 tonnes, the company has said.

The compact but powerful 700 bar (10,000 pounds force per square inch) Level Lift System uses a central, semi-automated pump for control of up to four lift points for safe, fast, even and controlled lifting and lowering of uneven loads.

This offers the flexibility to isolate and control movement at each point while its pendant-operated, automated cycle program allows for continuously controlled operation throughout the lifting and lowering process.

The Level Lift System is a fully configured and assembled system, which includes a ZE4 pump, hoses, gauges and cart.

During operation, uneven loads are moved evenly as Enerpac’s patented Level Lift valve sends a fixed volume of oil to each cylinder while lifting or lowering.

Regardless of the distribution of weight in the application, or the resulting pressure at each lift point, the Level Lift System strokes each cylinder by the same amount. Each cylinder must have the same effective area.

Level Lift can be used safely and cost-efficiently for off-highway vehicles and railway components common to resources sites.

The system can also be used for gear drives and slew ring bearings maintenance on excavators and materials handlers; undercarriage maintenance on a variety of trucks and bulldozers, or rebuilds on wheel loaders, dozers, trucks and trash compactors.

Enerpac mining and integrated solutions manager in Australia and New Zealand Warren Baltineshter said the Level Lift System provided a safe, fast lifting solution for applications with multiple lift points.

“With the ability to control up to four lift points simultaneously, and an intuitive, user-friendly design, the Level Lift System provides our customers with a safe, easy solution for demanding lifts,” he said.