DISK pack couplings produced by power transmission firm Mayr have been certified for use in offshore applications by DNV GL.

“This certificate confirms the high quality and reliability of the coupling with customary safe dimensioning and design, and ensures the maximum possible operating and functional safety for use on the high seas,” Mayr said.

The compact ROBA-DS disk pack couplings range ensure maximum possible operational and functional safety for users on the high seas.

Being robust, reliable and temperature resistant, these couplings can be used in ship propellers, mobile offshore drilling units or in tidal power plants, the company said.

No reduction of the nominal torque due to misalignment, overall load configuration or balancing requirements is needed, Mayr said.

In case of providers who have to take misalignments and alternating torques into consideration when dimensioning, a larger coupling frequently has to be selected for the same nominal torque and also the same speed.

The ROBA-DS disk pack couplings transmit torques up to the nominal torque absolutely backlash-free and with a consistently high torsional rigidity.

The disk pack couplings compensate radial, axial and angular misalignment of shafts, and as a result protect the bearings against undesired loads and therefore against unnecessary downtimes and costs.

Mayr products are distributed in Australia through Victoria-based company Transmission Australia.