The Jati Seven sets sail. Image courtesy Strategic Marine.

The Jati Seven sets sail. Image courtesy Strategic Marine.

SHIPBUILDER Strategic Marine has launched its first ever Offshore 40 Generation 3 crew boat, built for long term customer Dinastia Jati.

The Jati Seven, launched in February, is the first in a series of three third generation vessels being built for the group, a prominent oil and gas services company based in Malaysia.

In an announcement, Strategic Marine said the launch of the vessel represented the culmination of several years of evolutionary design and production.

This Generation 3 vessel retains the major features of the Generation 2 version whilst increasing cargo carrying capacity, fuel efficiency and improved sea keeping, the company said.

Strategic Marine head of group business development Reece Newbold said the vessel was a new benchmark for the sector.

“This vessel marks an important chapter in the design and construction of our crew boat range and highlights the strong relationship with Dinastia Jati and indeed the overall Malaysian crew boat market,” he said.