TECHNOLOGIES developed by China Oilfield Services (COSL) were used on ten wells in 2015, the company has announced.

Successful use of COSL’s logging while drilling system and rotary steerable system has meant the company is the first Chinese company and the fourth in the world to own and commercialise the two technologies, COSL said in an announcement.

COSL said the systems were critical technologies for high-difficulty directional drilling operations including ultra deep wells and extended reach well drilling.

“The combined use of rotary steerable and logging while drilling technologies can help enhance reservoir-encountered rates, lower development costs and strengthen capabilities for exploring complex oil and gas reservoirs,” COSL said.

COSL added that it hoped its research and development team would deliver better results from the systems as they were upgraded over the next five years, with the team looking to perfect the dimension and functionalities of the two systems.

“In the area of manufacturing, the research and development team will adopt an intelligence-powered manufacturing concept to put lifecycle management into practice, in order to fulfil requirements for on-site operations and stay aligned to the world’s manufacturing trends,” the company added.