COOPER ENERGY announced it identified a potential hydrocarbon bearing zone in the Birkhead formation where it cased and suspended Akela-1 located in the South Australian Cooper basin.

Cooper said trace to poor oil shows were observed throughout the well with the best shows recorded in the Birkhead formation.

Poor borehole conditions resulted in the well cased and suspended for potential future evaluation due to several unsuccessful attempts to sample reservoir fluids.

Operated by Senex Energy, Akela-1 reached a total depth of 2676 metres.

The well targeted Poolowanna, Tinchoo and Birkhead formations and Hutton sandstone within a four-way dip closed anticline, defined by the 2013 Dundinna 3D seismic survey.

Akela-1 is a joint venture between Cooper Energy, Orca Energy and operator Senex Energy and is located in PEL 110, about 11 kilometres north of the Keleary oilfield and 2.9 kilometres north of Crumpa-1 drilled in 1993.