A HIGH Grade Process Cooler (HGPC) designed by Luvata aims to offer a variety of options for people working on some of the world’s most demanding industrial applications.

The HGPC offers f lexibility in material choices and endless customisation options to meet the requirements of installations such as cooling power plants, emergency and standby generator sets for offshore platforms and reactor cooling plants.

Developed specifically for projects where site ambient conditions are harshest and material choice matters, every HGPC is customised to meet the customers’ exact specifications.

The HGPC can be equipped with one, or up to 56 fans, depending on the cooler size and other variables such as power supply voltage, frequency variations, sound level, power consumptions and speed regulation.

Based on the required performance, application and environment, available tube and pipe materials include stainless steel, aluminium, copper nickel, titanium and copper.

The exact combination of materials, along with a long list of available options and accessories, are selected using Luvata’s metallurgical expertise and heat transfer knowledge to deliver the complete optimal solution for the customers’ exacting requirements.

The company uses its COILS computer software to help select and size the correct cooler for the corresponding installation.

A new feature of the COILS software is a slider. By moving the slider, the data will change in accordance with the changed fan speed.

Based on various factors such as cooling capacity, cooler size, number of fans, tube row and environmental conditions, the software is used to further improve the cooler design.

Luvata Heat Transfer Solutions industrial global product manager Patric Jonsson said no two installations were ever the same.

“Delivering high-quality products upon which our customers depend is what we do best – even in the harshest conditions,” he said.