CHINA Offshore Oil Engineering Corporation (COOEC) struck what it says is a new record for a floating installation in China’s Bohai bay on 31 July.

The 13,000 tonne Qinhuangdao 32-6CEPJ module was finished successfully 10.5 hours after floating, striking the new record of the shortest floating time in Bohai Bay.

The module is the second large floating module to make up the Qinhuangdao 32-6 overall adjustment project, forming sister modules with the CEPI module finished before.

After full preparations, the Offshore Oil 228 barge transferred the module load in only four hours, referring to the shortest duration among all previous floating operations.

The floating was successfully completed after Offshore Oil 228 exited the jacket fillister.

COOEC had carried out commissioning of process water circulation and water circulation of production water system, as well as commissioning of the crude oil mode of the crude oil main engine and system handover synchronously onshore before floating took place.

The company plans to complete six floating operations in 2014, with four having been completed so far.

Of these, the Qinhuangdao 32-6 CEPI module floating is the heaviest in the Bohai Sea, while Huizhou 25-8 module floating is the first time of adopting dynamic positioning horizontal lading and new floating technology and Kenli 3-2CEPA module floating refers to a precedent of winter floating by CNOOC.

The company planned to try low-position floating for the first time in August, it said.

The news came after COOEC recorded success in hoisting its first offshore monoblock module in an oilfield dismantling project in China – the Jinzhou 20-2SW platform module in Liaodong Bay.

This platform is located in the sea area of Jinzhou 20-2 oilfields, in the Bohai Sea, and its hoisting dismantling comes only seven days after the Jinzhou 21-1WHPA platform module finished.

COOEC said the successful dismantling of Jinzhou 21-1WHPA and Jinzhou 20-2SW platforms showed China was capable of offshore monoblock oilfield dismantling, laying a solid foundation for developing international market in future.