CONTINUED injuries and deaths related to equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres shows that not all personnel involved with equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres truly understand how to maintain the protection afforded by the equipment, according to electrical solutions and training company Eutex International.

Eutex said that historically, only installation personnel were sent for Ex training, but the requirements outlined in the IEC 60079-14 standard now consider that those personnel who have an influence on the plant design and operation also need training specific to Ex equipment selection, installation and maintenance.

Eutex said the IEC 60079-14 standard emphasises that all personnel who are involved with the Ex equipment are to have an understanding of the aspects of Ex equipment and competency is no longer limited to installation and inspection personnel.

Speaking with Oil & Gas Australia, a Eutex spokesperson said competence was still top of the list in today’s oil and gas climate.

“So numbers continue to increase as companies strive to meet their compliance objectives,” the spokesperson said.

“More companies are now becoming aware of the risks involved with non-electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.”

Eutex said companies, including contractors, who are involved in the design, selection or installation of Ex equipment are required to demonstrate competency based on the tasks undertaken and methods of protection utilised.

Personnel within these companies are usually in need of the Ex-specific training to complement their existing skillset, Eutex added.

CompEx is an internationally-recognised training and competency scheme offered by Eutex for personnel involved in the design, selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of Ex equipment, both electrical and non-electrical.

Eutex’s ATEC Houston, ATEC Singapore and ATEC Dubai are all registered CompEx training centres.