CHARTER airline company Cobham Aviation Services will put an Embraer 190 aircraft into service after extending its contract with Chevron, to provide flights between Perth and Barrow Island, to 2020.

The contract, aimed at servicing Chevron’s fly-in, fly-out workforce at the Gorgon project, has an initial value of about $60 million with an estimated full value in excess of $160 million through to 2020.

The Embraer is the first of its type to be engaged in the Australian closed charter aviation sector.

Cobham said the modern 104-seat aircraft would increase fuel efficiency, reduce time spent in the air and provide a new level of passenger comfort with two-by-two passenger seat configuration.

“The introduction of the Embraer 190 aircraft sets a new benchmark for dedicated charter services in Australia and will see Cobham continue to support Chevron’s activities, including the Gorgon Project as it moves from construction to steady state operations,” Cobham Aviation Services sector president Peter Nottage said.

A fleet of Avro RJ100 aircrafts will accompany the Embraer 190 to provide air services under the contract extension.

The company, which has been providing charter services to Barrow Island since 2010, noted that the Chevron contract was one of the most exacting contracts of its type in the world due to its stringent quarantine requirements.

Barrow Island is a Class A Nature Reserve and an internationally important conservation estate.

Cobham Aviation Services provides specialist aviation solutions to defence, government and commercial customers and boasts a combined fleet of more than 130 fixed and rotary wing aircrafts.