WESTERN Australian company CleanSubSea is preparing to launch a revolutionary new hull cleaning technology, called Envirocart.

A fully enclosed capture and containment hull cleaning technology, Envirocart cleans the hulls of large vessels while in the water.

According to the product’s developers, Envirocart has the potential to generate scores of new jobs and attract hundreds of millions of dollars to the WA economy.

The Envirocart technology is the first proven system to receive Government approval to conduct In-Water Hull Cleaning (IWHC) in the Port of Fremantle since the practice was banned in Australia and New Zealand in 1997, and has subsequently been banned in many major ports around the world. Globally, hull cleaning is an industry worth approximately US$10.2 Billion,

For the past 20 years, large vessels operating in Australian waters have had to be dry-docked for hull cleaning; an expensive, time-consuming and inefficient system which significantly add to the costs of maritime shipping operations, or have their vessels cleaned in other jurisdictions where there is no consideration or protection of the marine environment.

Envirocart completely revolutionises this system, allowing hull cleaning to take place in the water in a faster, cheaper and more efficient manner, while ensuring the marine environment is protected from toxic anti-fouling paint and invasive marine species being dislodged by the cleaning process.

The world’s first commercial demonstration of the Envirocart hull cleaning technology took place at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson in late October.