By Sarah Byrne

ON TRACK for completion in January 2016, Civmec is pushing on with the delivery of the fabrication and testing of 68 subsea jumper spools for the Chevron-operated Wheatstone project.

The contract is for the fabrication of pipe spools of various materials such as CRA Inconel clad pipe, Super Duplex and carbon steel, with pipe sizes ranging from six inches up to 44 inches in diameter.

Speaking with Oil & Gas Australia, Civmec chief executive Pat Tallon said he anticipates project delivery and last load-out from the Australian Marine Complex wharf in January next year, with Wheatstone expected to move into operations in late-2016.

Improvements have been made to the company’s safety, quality and production through carrying out work for Wheatstone, which has resulted in a new baseline established for all future projects.

Mr Tallon said work of this kind is only being successfully delivered by a small number of fabricators globally, due to the high level of quality and specification required.

“The lesson learnt from the Weld Procedure Qualifications (WPQ) is that even the best can face difficulties in ensuring that high quality is maintained 100% of the time,” Mr Tallon said.

Handling of large quantities of pipe of varying length, diameters, weight and type, many having carbon resistant alloy and various coatings from concrete to three and five layer polyprophane is an ongoing challenge, Mr Tal lon said.

“The handling alone is a challenge, but as the process goes from pre-metrology to post-metrology to final weld-up, the realisation of the sheer size of the various spools is overwhelming.”

Extensive planning, equipment and know-how are required to ensure the large spools are loaded out in the correct configuration.

Remaining focused on safety, Civmec believes if safety and quality are in place, challenges will be overcome and the production and schedule will be achieved.

“These challenges are overcome by extensive planning, constant communication, training and upskilling of our workforce, and regular interaction with regards to the project’s overall targets.”

Upon winning the Technip contract, Civmec carried out extensive training as there were few welders with the skills to carry out the required procedures, Mr Tallon said.

“The contract is ongoing. It commenced with an extensive weld procedure campaign and training of an already skilled workforce.”

Civmec established a training school for the project and to date have upskilled more than 35 of its welding workforce.

With consideration for the amount of handling and movement needed for the Wheatstone contract, training was also conducted to ensure the workforce was confident and capable of handling with care.

In addition, Civmec is currently carrying out fabrication and finishing works for switch rooms for the Wheatstone project.

At Chevron’s Gorgon project, the company is delivering miscellaneous fabrication works, including piping and structural steel.

Mr Tallon credits the company’s multi-disciplined service offering and strategic location at the Australian Marine Complex for keeping Civmec busy when many contractors are struggling to find work.

“Our main differentiator is our multi-disciplined service offering where we are able to apply our ever-expanding capabilities across sectors.”

Looking to increase its market share in the subsea sector, Civmec recently completed work on its Specialist Subsea Facility at Henderson.

Civmec’s 1,200 square metre facility, which is completely secregated from the main fabrication facility, has two 20 tonne overhead gantry cranes, the company said.

The facility is a purpose-built fabrication facility for exotic materials and the manufacture of subsea manifolds.

Chevron’s Wheatstone project is located 12 kilometres west of Onslow and will consist of two liquefied natural gas (LNG) trains and a domestic gas plant, with first LNG expected in 2016.

Located around 60 kilometres off the northwest coast of Western Australia, the Gorgon project includes a three-train, 15.6 million tonnes per annum LNG facility and a domestic gas plant, with first LNG exports expected in late 2015.

Civmec is a multi-disciplinary heavy engineering constructor to the resources and infrastructure sectors.

Civmec provides engineering and construction services such as heavy engineering, modularisation, site civil works, precast concrete, structural mechanical piping installation, industrial insulation, offshore logistics and maintenance and refractory services.

Subsea Energy Australia named Civmec its Company of the Year in its Subsea Business Awards, handed out in July.