MORE THAN 30 engineers from the world’s major operators and service companies attended the first full rig test of Churchill Drilling Tools’ HyPR HoleSaver, the company said in a September announcement.

Churchill said these drilling tools are the world’s first full-strength disconnect sub.

Superintendents, senior drilling engineers and fishing specialists were keen to discover if a full strength sub could be easily severed and whether the sub was actually full strength compliant, the company said.

The answer to both questions was a definite ‘yes’, according to Churchhill, with the full strength sub cut in 112 minutes.

The HyPR HoleSaver is a dart activated technology developed and delivered by the company.

It offers exceptional strength both in tension and compression with no pre-installed weak points, Churchill said.

When stuck pipe occurs, the tool is targeted by pumping down a HyPR dart which directs a milling jet at velocities of over 300 feet per second to make the cut.

The darts are capable of producing more than 1,000 hydraulic horse power but, unlike explosives, require no special handling and are easily and quickly deployed by the user.

Churchill said the subs and darts give operators the capability to release the string in a few hours and are economical to deploy due to their simple design.

Company director Mike Churchill said the company has been approached for a number of new applications following the demonstration.

“Some may think inviting an audience to our first full test was a risk, however we were very confident of the power of the HyPR dart and the results it could deliver.”