ENGINEERING, procurement and construction company China Chengda Engineering has renewed its strategic alliance agreement with software company Intergraph.

The extension of the agreement allows Chengda access to Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise solutions, as well as consulting and ongoing technical support.

The Intergraph SmartPlant Enterprise portfolio used by Chengda includes Intergraph Smart 3D, PDS, SmartPlant Instrumentation, SmartPlant Electrical, SmartPlant Reference Data and SmartPlant Review.

This portfolio not only ensures Chengda’s position as the preferred EPC company in China, but also meets its growing business demands for increased global competitiveness, Intergraph said in an announcement.

“We have been using Intergraph technology for many years, and we are pleased to extend our long-term strategic relationship with Intergraph,” said Chengda officials.

“We have achieved great success through the implementation of SmartPlant Enterprise for our engineering projects, and we are confident that SmartPlant Enterprise will continue to deliver tremendous value to our company.”

Intergraph process, power and marine president Gerhard Sallinger said Intergraph was honoured to be chosen as Chengda’s engineering technology partner.

“This strategic relationship further validates Intergraph’s leading position in the Chinese petrochemical industry,” he said.

“SmartPlant Enterprise will continue to power Chengda’s engineering innovations for a competitive edge in the domestic and international market.”

Intergraph Process, Power & Marine Greater China Region general manager Welch Sun said Chengda was a venerable and powerful engineering, procurement and construction company in China.

“Its social status is self-evident; while Intergraph is a technology pioneer in engineering solutions.,” he said.

“There is no challenge too great or too difficult that it cannot be overcome by Chengda and Intergraph working together.”

Intergraph’s SmartPlant Enterprise offers a powerful portfolio of industry-leading, best-in-class design and data management solutions, the company said.

These enable companies in the process, power, and marine industries to capture integrated engineering knowledge at the enterprise level for the competitive advantage needed in today’s and tomorrow’s market.

SmartPlant Enterprise solutions enable proven productivity gains, improving engineering efficiency by up to 30 per cent, Intergraph said.