NEWCREST has announced a number of changes to its Executive Committee structure to enable a dedicated focus on the strategic priority of profitable growth.

The company said the changes, effective January 1, 2017, are designed to consolidate the leadership of its operational assets under two executive general managers and increase the capacity of the other executive general managers accountable for leading Newcrest’s medium to long-term growth prospects.

The changes are:

Craig Jetson (currently general manager Lihir) has been promoted to the role of executive general manager Cadia and Lihir. In his time as general manager Lihir, Mr Jetson has driven significant improvements in safe operational performance and forged effective working relationships with local communities and governments. His continuing involvement in the Lihir operation as EGM will underpin a seamless transition with a new general manager Lihir, while his considerable expertise in maintenance and processing will be valuable for the ongoing optimisation of the Cadia plant. Mr Jetson will be based in Melbourne in his new role, once his successor is in place at Lihir.

Craig Jones (currently executive general manager Cadia & MMJV) will provide a dedicated focus on Newcrest’s next block cave project in the role of executive general manager Wafi-Golpu. Mr Jones was instrumental in the delivery of the Cadia East Project and his expertise in delivering major projects is key to the success of Wafi-Golpu.

As part of the consolidation of our operational portfolios, Phil Stephenson (currently executive general manager Gosowong and Telfer) will assume accountability for Bonikro, in the expanded role of executive general manager Gosowong, Telfer and Bonikro.

Michael Nossal will remain chief development officer, with an increased capacity to focus on the company’s growth and development activities, which includes Newcrest’s global exploration program and a growing portfolio of strategic partnerships, farm-in arrangements and investments across Asia Pacific, West Africa and the Americas.

All of these changes will take effect from January 1, 2017, with a progressive handover taking place from this date as circumstances allow.