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SUPPLYLITE launches Supply Chain Management Visualisation Platform at AOG 2018

SUPPLYLITE today launched its cloud-based supply chain management visualisation platform at the AOG 2018 Exhibition and Conference in Perth. It adds to a growing list of new SupplyTech solutions that are using technology to reduce the cost of operations and provide increased visibility to support collaborative decision making. SUPPLYLITE is a Software as a Service (SaaS) modelling and task-based operations platform that tackles supply chain challenges across oil, gas, construction

Combine & Conquer – Unlocking the power of digital at AOG

MANY of the business leaders attending the AOG conference understand the power of digital. They see the potential for digital technologies to bring about transformation and growth. And many are making big investments in a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies. But many simply aren’t getting the most out of their digital investments. What’s the evidence? A recent Accenture survey explored how companies deploy digital technologies and the benefits they derive

A river becomes an ocean…Australia’s LNG marine fuel opportunity

With the prospect of an oversupplied global liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, more gas supply anticipated and weak LNG pricing in the coming years, identifying new outlets for gas is becoming mission critical for LNG producers. And one of the biggest opportunities over the next decade is in transportation.
LNG as a heavy-duty truck fuel is still in its infancy, but on a parallel (and accelerating path), it is also being

First discovery of live oil onshore Jamaica

CGG GeoConsulting and the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) have announced the discovery of two independent live oil seeps from different parts of the island of Jamaica. This significant find marks the first documented occurrence of ‘live’, or flowing, oil from onshore Jamaica and will be of particular interest to oil explorationists focused on Central America and the Caribbean. The oil seeps were found during fieldwork for a recently completed

NERA to provide significant funding for new oil and gas industry projects

SEVEN innovative oil and gas-related projects are to receive funding support from the Australian Government’s energy resources industry growth centre, NERA NERA has announced funding of $2.1 million for a range of national projects, aimed at improving the global competitiveness of the energy sector, by addressing key industry issues relating to sustainability, efficiency and diversity. The projects are expected to leverage an additional $2.4 million in industry funding, bringing the

Survey Says: More Oil Producers Moving Toward a Risk-based Approach for Asset Life Extension

Producers have discovered that a risk-based inspection approach can cut costs if it’s implemented properly, says an OGIQ survey. Now, it’s a matter of increasing the adoption rate. By Anne-Marie Walters         While the low price of oil is providing relief to consumers at the gas pump, pressure is being put on offshore oil producers in this current economic environment to get more life out of the

ABB to pioneer microgrid solution for  installation on Woodside platform

ABB will provide Woodside, Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company, with a PowerStore Battery storage system that is capable of remote management of operations and service. The system will be installed on the Goodwyn A platform. This innovative ABB solution will contribute to Woodside’s 2020 goal of reducing carbon emissions and will also help lower their cost of operations and maintenance. The Goodwyn A offshore production platform is located

Energy companies struggling to counter IoT security risks, finds research

While the majority of energy companies are turning to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them meet growing demands for power and operate with greater efficiency, too many lack the security procedures to successfully deploy IoT solutions. This is according to the latest research from Inmarsat (ISAT.L), which found that more than half of global energy businesses do not have the skills and understanding required to combat the security

CleanSubSea allows large vessels to be cleaned in the water

WESTERN Australian company CleanSubSea is preparing to launch a revolutionary new hull cleaning technology, called Envirocart. A fully enclosed capture and containment hull cleaning technology, Envirocart cleans the hulls of large vessels while in the water. According to the product’s developers, Envirocart has the potential to generate scores of new jobs and attract hundreds of millions of dollars to the WA economy. The Envirocart technology is the first proven system

Bentley fast-tracks digitalisation of design integration

Bentley Systems’ founder Keith Bentley used the company’s Year In Infrastructure event to announce what he believes is a major breakthrough in digitalisation of design integration. Mr Bentley told a record crowd at the Singapore event that the company’s “iModel 2.0” cloud platform and its first new service, iModelHub, qil accelerate “going digital” for users of its ProjectWise Design Integration services. He told attendees that without requiring changes to existing