Technology & Innovation

Queensland group releases oil-free friction reducer

AUSTRALIAN fine particle and water management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has designed a hydrocarbon-free polymer friction modifier solution, to help aid the extraction process and reserve energy of oil and gas being transported from great depths after fracturing. Known as Jetstream, the oil-free friction reducer increases flow rates in water and brine-based fracturing applications using RST’s polymer dispersive technology for aqueous fracturing fluid. Jetstream contains no hydrocarbons, mineral oils

Rockwell technologies improve return on investment

TODAY’s petroleum companies are encountering unprecedented challenges to improve return on investment while staying on schedule and within budget. Changing market conditions escalate the need for sustainable operations to help reach operational excellence. A key component that has helped many companies achieve this is technology – information and automation is at the heart of all processes. It is in those technological areas where Rockwell Automation has accumulated extensive experience in