Technology & Innovation

New training centre for ACEPT

THE AUSTRALIAN Centre for Energy and Process Training (ACEPT) at Western Australia’s Challenger Institute of Technology will build a specialist engineering training centre following a $15 million funding commitment from the Western Australian Government. The facility will be used to train electrical and instrumentation control engineers and engineering technicians, focusing on developing the high level technical skills required for the operation and maintenance of LNG plants. ACEPT director Greg Guppy

Orrcon launches zinc alloy tube range

ORRCON Steel will soon launch a range of zinc alloy pre-coated steel tube sections into the market, providing what it says is exceptional corrosion resistance for tubular steel products used near marine and orrosive industrial environments. Orrcon Steel sales and marketing manager Lester Kirkwood said the new Maxi-Tube range would provide a sustainable solution to corrosion issues. “It is a real game-changer for us, suitable for a wide range of

Meter range to improve uptime

A RANGE of ultrasonic flow meters produced by Emerson Process management have faster flow sampling rates to reduce measurement uncertainty and improve uptime, the company has announced. The Daniel range incorporates the JuniorSonic one-path (3411) or two-path (3412), and SeniorSonic four-path (3414) gas ultrasonic meters, which Emerson says is ideal for a number of f low measurement applications. The Daniel four-path (3814) liquid ultrasonic meter expands on the functionality and

Gantries launched for higher lifts

A HYDRAULIC lifting gantry with a lifting capacity of 5,000 kilonewtons has been developed by Enerpac, designed to safely lift loads to 12.8 metres. Enerpac Integrated Solutions Manager for Australasia Richard Verhoeff says the new MBL5000 design incorporates the Intellilift wireless control system with automatic synchronisation and overload detection, as well as a foldable boom design, which facilitates transport inside a 20 foot container and enables access to confined areas.

Choose valve design to control fire hazards

REQUIRING minimal maintenance and lasting for many years, the FM fire safe fusible link manual shutoff valves developed by Assured Automation have been developed to protect refineries and chemical processors from fire hazards. The shutoff assemblies, which are API 607 compliant and Factory Mutual approved for flammable liquids, are commonly used to activate sprinkler systems to control fire and to shut down hazardous lines when fire occurs. When a fire

Queensland group releases oil-free friction reducer

AUSTRALIAN fine particle and water management company Reynolds Soil Technologies (RST) has designed a hydrocarbon-free polymer friction modifier solution, to help aid the extraction process and reserve energy of oil and gas being transported from great depths after fracturing. Known as Jetstream, the oil-free friction reducer increases flow rates in water and brine-based fracturing applications using RST’s polymer dispersive technology for aqueous fracturing fluid. Jetstream contains no hydrocarbons, mineral oils

Rockwell technologies improve return on investment

TODAY’s petroleum companies are encountering unprecedented challenges to improve return on investment while staying on schedule and within budget. Changing market conditions escalate the need for sustainable operations to help reach operational excellence. A key component that has helped many companies achieve this is technology – information and automation is at the heart of all processes. It is in those technological areas where Rockwell Automation has accumulated extensive experience in