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Carnarvon says Dorado-3 Caley reservoir flow one of the highest on record on NWS

CARNARVON Petroleum Limited has announced that the Dorado-3 appraisal well has successfully confirmed the Caley reservoir is capable of delivering oil at significant production flow rates. A well test was conducted over an approximate 11 metre section of net Caley reservoir, between 3,999 and 4,015 metres Measured Depth. Carnarvon said the test indicated very high potential flow rates of around 30,000 barrels per day from each production well in the

Carnarvon says Dorado-3 wireline results support flow testing

CARNARVON Petroleum Limited has announced that wireline logging of the Dorado-3 well off the north-west coast of Western Australia has successfully confirmed hydrocarbon bearing reservoir within the Caley, Baxter and Crespin intervals. In the Caley reservoir, being the primary target, the Dorado-3 well intersected predominantly oil bearing hydrocarbons in high-quality reservoir. Carnarvon said pressure data indicates the reservoir is in communication with the equivalent reservoirs encountered in the Dorado-1 and

“Staggering” Kingia gas discovery in WA

STRIKE Energy Limited has labelled as “staggering” a significant gas discovery made in the Kingia sandstone as part of the West Erregulla-2 drilling campaign north of Perth.= The Kingia formation was encountered at a depth of 4,753 metres with gas on rock showing a gross gas column of at least 97 metres. Log interpretation shows the lower section from 4,790 metres onwards is made up of several high-quality large units

Strike announces “significant” Wagina gas discovery in onshore Perth Basin

STRIKE Energy Limited has confirmed what it has described as a significant gas discovery in the Wagina sandstone as part of the West Erregulla-2 drilling campaign in the onshore Perth Basin in Western Australia. The Strike-Warrego Joint Venture reported that the Wagina sandstone was found to be approximately 74 metres plus in thickness and made up of sections of clean sand with interpreted blocky porosity development that was observed on

Exploring the power of big data

By Joshua Thorp, Geoscience manager, Searcher Seismic THE never-ending search for oil and gas supplies is a high-stakes, high-risk endeavour that requires some of the largest capital expenditures of any industry. Despite prior successes, the Australian oil and gas sector faces increasing complexity and pressure on several fronts including operational, environmental and political. As such, any tool or service that can reduce risk, lower cost and/or accelerate results is highly

Santos says successful Dorado appraisal confirms major oil and gas resource

SANTOS has announced the Dorado-2 appraisal well has confirmed a major oil and gas resource in the Bedout Basin, offshore Western Australia. The well was drilled down-dip approximately two km from the Dorado-1 discovery and encountered 85m of net reservoir in the primary Caley Formation. Santos said that as expected, an oil- water contact was intersected at 4003m measured depth, with 40m of net oil pay encountered. An additional 11m

New 3D survey to examine exciting Dorado and Roc discoveries off WA coast

CARNARVON Petroleum Limited has reported that a new 3D seismic survey has commenced over the Dorado and Roc discoveries and a number of nearby prospects off the north-west coast of WA. Known as the Keraudren 3D survey, the seismic data acquired will assist with the advancement of the Dorado oil and gas field development and to prepare for the potential drilling of a number of high graded exploration targets. The

APPEA says Queensland and South Australia continue to lead gas supply

THE Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) has welcomed the further steps taken by Queensland and South Australia to meet eastern Australia’s ongoing natural gas needs. The Queensland Government recently awarded more than 2700 square kilometres of exploration acreage to four companies and opened a new round of bids to explore 3700 square kilometres of land in central Queensland. In South Australia, over 20,000 square kilometres has been made

WoodMac says Beetaloo Basin could bring long-term gas supply to Australia’s east coast market

ACCORDING to research by Wood Mackenzie, Australia’s Beetaloo basin is the only new gas resource with sufficient scale to supply the east coast market in the long term. Australia’s east coast market has seen a rapid transition from conventional gas resources to unconventional gas supplies. As legacy gas sources mature and decline, the race is on to seek alternative supplies to meet east coast demand. Last year, unconventional coal seam

Equinor releases draft Great Australian Bight drilling environmental plan

INTERNATIONAL energy company, Equinor, has released its draft Environment Plan (EP) for the proposed Stromlo-1 exploration drilling programme in permit EPP-39 in the Great Australian Bight for public comment. The development of the EP is a key step in the offshore exploration regulatory process. It details Equinor’s planned activity and all the measures to be put in place to avoid and mitigate impacts on the environment.  The EP concludes drilling can be done safely. This is