APPEA says WA Hydraulic fracturing plan a step in right direction

THE release of the Western Australian Government’s implementation plan for WA’s hydraulic fracturing inquiry is a step in the right direction and will help provide confidence in the sector, according to the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA). The plan has outlined actions to implement the independent scientific inquiry’s recommendations and provides a pathway forward for developing some of WA’s onshore oil and gas resources. APPEA chief executive Andrew

Equinor releases draft Great Australian Bight drilling environmental plan

INTERNATIONAL energy company, Equinor, has released its draft Environment Plan (EP) for the proposed Stromlo-1 exploration drilling programme in permit EPP-39 in the Great Australian Bight for public comment. The development of the EP is a key step in the offshore exploration regulatory process. It details Equinor’s planned activity and all the measures to be put in place to avoid and mitigate impacts on the environment.  The EP concludes drilling can be done safely. This is

Oil and gas industry welcomes lifting of WA fracking moratorium

AUSTRALIAN oil and gas lobby group APPEA has welcomed the Western Australian Government’s decision to lift the hydraulic fracturing moratorium on existing onshore gas projects. “The independent scientific inquiry has confirmed that properly regulated, hydraulic fracturing is a safe practice.  Hydraulic fracturing has been used safely in Western Australia since 1958,” said APPEA chief executive Dr Malcolm Roberts. “The inquiry shows there is no environmental or public health justification for

WA Government introduces strict new fracking controls

FRACKING will not be permitted over 98% of Western Australia and, for the first time, traditional owners and farmers will have the right to say no to oil and gas production from fracking on their land. The WA Government has announced it will only lift the fracking moratorium on existing onshore petroleum titles following an independent scientific inquiry finding the risk to people and the environment is low. Under new

World first seismic sound experiment conducted off NW Australia

THE Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) has conducted the first real-world seismic experiment to determine the effects of marine noise on fish and pearl oysters. The experiment, using the seismic vessel the BGP Explorer, surveyed two sites off the northwest of Western Australia over ten days. The experiment, which has taken the collaborative efforts of more than 100 people 12 months to design and co-ordinate, could help to clarify

CSIRO confirms ‘good air quality’ in coal seam gas region

The air quality of the Surat Basin in Queensland is well within air quality typical of similar rural areas, according to the first comprehensive ambient air quality study in a coal seam gas (CSG) region of Australia released today. Conducted by CSIRO’s Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA)*, the independent research assessed and modelled air quality in the Surat Basin gas region to investigate the influence of CSG activities on air

Exxon aiming to double earnings capacity by 2025

EXXONMOBIL has revealed plans to more than double its earnings potential by 2025. The company’s chairman and CEO Darren Woods told shareholders during the company’s annual meeting that the world’s growing energy needs will require trillions of dollars in new investment across industry, even under a scenario to limit the global increase in temperature to two degrees Celsius. Mr Woods said the company will continue to focus on investments that

Electric vehicles – are oil and gas companies ready for the volt-age?

As digitisation and electrification spread across all industries, today’s oil and gas leaders must be ready to operate on a vastly different playing field and compete against much more tech-savvy competitors. Presenting their paper ‘Enter the Volt-Age: Electric vehicle disruption of the oil and gas industry’ at APPEA 2018 in Adelaide today, Deloitte Australia oil and gas leader Bernadette Cullinane, and Steve McGill, Deloitte Australia energy specialist, said one of

APPEA says lifting of NT fracking moratorium will create jobs, investment and energy benefits

THE Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) has welcomed an announcement by the Northern Territory Government that the near two-year moratorium that stalled onshore gas exploration and development would end, enabling the creation of thousands of jobs in the Territory, billions of dollars of government revenue and the delivery of much-needed energy supply for the NT and the nation. The Government has accepted the key finding of the Scientific

Federal Minister accuses anti-gas States of using “voodoo science”

THE Federal Minister for Resources  Matthew Canavan MP has accused the NSW, Victoria and Northern Territory governments of using “voodoo science” to block gas developments in their jurisdictions. Speaking on the subject of East Coast gas shortages at a gas conference in Sydney, the Minister said it is critically important for state and territory governments to end their “voodoo science” on gas. ” I am sick of hearing poorly argued reasons to justify