BOB HUMPHRISLEIGHTON Holdings chairman Bob Humphris has announced his intention to retire as chairman while also resigning as the company’s non-executive director.

Mr Humphris initially signalled his intention to retire at the company’s annual general meeting in May.

Mr Humphris had spent the last year as chairman with Leighton but had been involved in the company for more than nine years.

Mr Humphris said the time was right for him to leave the corporate life.

“I look forward to watching Leighton grow and prosper in the future, building on the professionalism of our staff and, in particular, the Group’s very strong ‘can do’ culture,” he said.

“The Leighton Group is a wonderful contractor and I’m sure that it has a bright future ahead of it.”

In light of Mr Humphris departure, company chief executive Marcelino Fernández Verdes has been appointed to the role of executive chairman.

Mr Fernández Verdes said it was an honour to be appointed to the role of executive chairman.

“I am very grateful to Mr Humphris for his commitment to Leighton over close to 10 years, and his dedication as a director and as chairman,” he said.

Mr Humphris has made a very important contribution to the Group during his tenure and is highly respected throughout the industry and across Leighton’s operations.

“On behalf of all our employees I wish Mr Humphris a very long and happy retirement. I have enjoyed working with Mr Humphris and have valued our time working together,” said Mr Fernández Verdes.

Leighton also announced the appointment of two new independent non-executive directors, Russell Chenu and Trevor Gerber.

Mr Chenu will be the chair of both the Audit Committee and Ethics and Compliance Committee while Mr Gerber will be the chairman of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee.