SINGAPORE will be the new home of BG Group’s global liquefied natural gas and oil marketing business after the giant announced plans to relocate the office from its United Kingdom headquarters.

The company’s president for global LNG and marketing, Steve Hill, had already relocated to Singapore where he would run the office as well as continuing to lead the business.

Mr Hill said BG Group sent the majority of its cargoes to Asia – adding that it was the world’s largest market for LNG.

“By moving the centre of our global LNG and oil marketing business to Singapore, the heart of the fastest growing LNG region, we are closer to many more of our existing customers and are better positioned to develop new and deeper relationships in the region,” he said.

BG Group was appointed the exclusive aggregator for Singapore’s first 3 mtpa of LNG demand in 2008, having delivered over one million metric tonnes of LNG on board 20 LNG vessels to date.

“Today we have over 70 people in our Singapore office and as the sole supplier of the first 3 mtpa of LNG to be used in the country, we look forward to building on this experience.”

“With the increased capacity planned for the LNG terminal on Jurong Island and a second facility also being considered, we look forward to supporting Singapore in fulfilling its vision to create a highly competitive LNG market and become an energy supply hub for the whole region,” Mr Hill said.