INFRASTRUCTURE design software company Bentley Systems has acquired France-based software company Acute3D – adding align design and construction modelling to its existing portfolio.

Acute3D provides Smart3DCapture software – which processes observations of existing conditions, such as scanning and photography, into design modelling and construction modelling environments.

Rapid technology advancements in scanning and photography – with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for these purposes – are making these such observations affordable in sustaining infrastructure, Bentley said.

“Now that photo sequences from UAVs are likely to become the most feasible source for surveying, construction monitoring, and inspection workflows, Acute3D’s industrial-level accuracy and unlimited scalability are making it a preferred technology for UAV manufacturers and professionals around the world,” the company said in an announcement.

Bentley chief technology officer Keith Bentley said that in using only a camera the Acute3D developers had removed a major barrier to the wider adoption of reality modelling.

“Of equal importance is the value of the Acute3D result. Rather than a voluminous cloud of discrete points, Acute3D produces a 3D ‘reality mesh’ – intrinsically in the same geometric idiom as engineering models, readily aligning the real-world context,” he said.

Other applications of Acute3D have included existing conditions capture for construction sites, manufacturing facilities, mining operations, pipelines, and oil and gas exploration, Bentley said.