PIPELINE solutions company Balltec has supplied a 44 inch pipeline recovery tool to Allseas for use on the Wheatstone project, the company announced earlier this year.

The PipeLOK tool was specially designed for the Wheatsone project and features what Balltec says is the world’s largest ball and taper based dewatering pipeline recovery tool in service.

It also boasts some features the company says has not previously featured in its products, combining the dewatering system with an air let-outlet system and a hot stab interface.

The tool was used during the pipe laying phase of the Wheatstone project.

Balltec sales and marketing director Martin Bell said it was becoming increasingly common for clients to request additional features from the PipeLOK tooling.

“Balltec has the knowledge and expertise to manufacture customised PipeLOK systems to include injection systems, advanced de-watering systems and cope with the increased SWL requirements of deep and ultra-deep recoveries,” he said.