ECHO Ultrasonics has appointed Russell Fraser Sales (RFS) as agent for their new line of ultrasonic couplants, the company said.

The original manufacturer of Sonotech couplants continues to make significant advances in couplant technology and RFS is happy to be replacing their previous couplant range with Echo Ultrasonics products, which are also environmentally friendly, the company said.

RFS is now stocking the following Echo Ultrasonics products for ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection: VersaSonic, UltraSoniX, EchoMix and EchoPure.

VersaSonic is a multipurpose high temperature ultrasonic couplant for flaw inspection and thickness gaging.

VersaSonic has an operating range of minus 23 degrees celsius to 398 degrees celsius and is available in medium and high viscosity.

Plant based, low toxicity and biodegradable, VersaSonic provides long term corrosion inhibition and contains no perfluorocarbons, silicones, peanut or tree nut oils.

Echo Ultrasonics most popular couplant UltraSoniX is a high performance ultrasonic couplant for flaw inspection and thickness gaging which is compatible with most materials, has excellent ferrous corrosion inhibition and is formaldehyde and glycol ether-free.

UltraSoniX also comes in high viscosity for overhead or vertical applications.

EchoMix powder provides a strong, continuous coupling film, reduces transducer wear and adheres well to vertical applications.

It contains mild short term Ferrous overhead surfaces without dripping and contains no formaldehyde.

EchoPure is an ideal couplant for very cold inspection and will not frost or attenuate at temperatures as low as minus 51 degrees celsius, the company said.

EchoPure is also great for high temperature use such as warm welds up to 176 degrees celsius and on pipelines, where slow evaporation and long inspection windows are desired.

EchoPure is a water-free, water-soluble ultrasonic couplant that has a broad operating range, is slow drying and provides excellent transducer lubrication.

The company said it is also low toxicity and environmentally friendly.