Eight months after it was established as a joint venture between Programmed Maintenance Services Ltd and Netherlands-headquartered Atlas Professionals ANZ Holdings BV, Atlas Programmed Marine JV (JV) has today announced it will operate in Australasia under the name Atlas Professionals.

The JV currently provides a broad range of services to the offshore oil and gas and marine sectors throughout Australia and New Zealand, including manning, logistics support, agency, catering and other operational services, with offices in Australia and New Zealand.

With Atlas Professionals operating in 16 countries, the JV has taken the decision to leverage Atlas Professionals’ global footprint and utilise its international brand within the Australasian market.

Since its formation in July 2017, the JV has experienced a period of growth, securing a number of major contracts.

One of these involves the JV partnering with a drilling contractor for the provision of drilling, marine and catering personnel and services – a project which showcases the JV’s breadth of service offerings, according to Chief Executive Officer Jim Caldwell.

“This is the first time that as a team we have supported a project with manning across all three operational disciplines, emphasising our capabilities as an organisation.”

More recently, the JV was this week awarded a three-year contract to provide catering and provisioning services at the Maari oil field in New Zealand.

Building on its strengths, the JV has been able to pursue dredging work in New Zealand on the strength of Atlas Professional’s global connections, and has also been engaged to oversee an indigenous trainee programme in the Australian marine sector for a number of international companies.

“The first six months of the JV were strong, and 2018 is shaping up as a good year for us, with revenue in line with our forecasts and our corporate strategy.”

The JV has benefited from a two-way exchange of expertise with its internationally-known and connected JV shareholder, Atlas Professionals, which has already delivered tangible results including exporting Australian expertise and experience to other markets.

For example, the JV’s experience in offshore catering has assisted Atlas Professionals in tendering for catering contracts in markets such as Brunei, Indonesia and the Middle East. Catering was not a service previously offered by Atlas Professionals.

Conversely, the JV has benefitted from Atlas Professionals’ global expertise in areas such as remotely operated vehicles (ROV), seismic and hydrographic surveying.

“The bottom line is that the JV has enabled us to broaden our service offering into new areas in the Australasian market and to further meet the needs of our customers,” Mr Caldwell said.

Contract wins have come as a result of both tendering and building long-terms relationships with established, blue chip clients.

This week the JV’s new branding was unveiled to clients at an event in Perth. Today (Friday 16 March 2018) is the first day the JV will operate under the new name, Atlas Professionals.

The JV has recruited a number of new people, bringing in expertise in a number of areas including tendering and business development. It has also focused on upskilling its workforce and is partnering with training providers to offer training specially tailored to newcomers to the marine industry, enabling them to pursue entry-level opportunities.

From the outset, the JV has focused on delivering a greater range of services and capabilities to clients within the Australasian oil and gas sector, and it has an ambitious strategy to become the region’s leading provider of offshore and marine manning services.