INTEGRITY technology services company Applus RTD has launched an application which incorporates augmented reality systems into its systems of detecting defects in pipework.

The system has been integrated into the company’s RTD IWEX system, which allows detailed inspection and mapping of defects within critical pieces of pipework.

The application projects the linear IWEX generated digital image around the weld, giving users a 3D image of the inspected object and consequently clearer insight into the scale and nature of any existing defects, Applus RTD said.

With the position of defects unambiguously indicated on the pipe, an operator can detect, locate and mark the defect using only a tablet device and a marker.

Applus RTD technical director Rienk de Vries said the application enabled operators were able to observe an image of the defect on the weld itself.

“This system has the potential to save operators millions of dollars by increasing efficiency and lowering the risk of incorrect human interactions, resulting in a low percentage of weld rejections,” he said.

“The augmented reality application is also great for training purposes, helping you to understand the 3D presentation of the weld. We believe it is a revolutionary step in NDT technology.”

Applus RTD’s Technological and Application Centre partnered on the augmented reality project with TWNKLS, an augmented reality agency that focuses on the development and implementation of mobile applications.

The project was also recently shortlisted for the Best Augmented Reality Enterprise Solution at the 2014 Auggie Awards.

“We are committed to a program of technological research and development aimed at delivering new techniques that maximise the effectiveness and value of our services,” Mr de Vries said.”