LEADING Australian gas pipeline operator the APA Group has entered into a new agreement for gas transportation and storage services from Queensland to southern markets.

The company’s managing director Mick McCormack said APA will earn total revenues in the order of $40 million over the contracted period of three years from 2018.

“This is the 16th contract entered into by APA in the east coast market since 1 August 2017 and I am very pleased to see this agreement come together and facilitate the flow of more gas into the east coast domestic market. We work very closely with our customers as our interests are aligned to their requirements. The gas industry is focused on delivering affordable and reliable gas to end users,” Mr McCormack said.

“This type of deal is a prime example of the energy industry working together and responding to market conditions. The flexibility provided by APA’s interconnected grid and service offerings allows the industry to provide cost effective solutions for Australia’s energy challenges.”